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I7 3770 3.4ghz temp averages?

January 8, 2013 4:54:08 AM

Hi, im not very familar with temps and such on my pc. I honestly have been away from pc's since before the dual core days lol. but i worry about my new machine that i custom built. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my average cpu temps are typical for an i7, or if there is anything I can do?

typically my i7 idles around 32-40, and 32 is the lowest, usually its around the mid to high 30's. when under full load, my cpu temps rise up around 60 degrees, sometimes jumpin up to 70 degress, though never really any higher. which sounds pretty hot to me. keep in mind that i don't overclock, and really don't have any intentions too, so to me that sounds a bit high, and I worry that I let it stay hot too much, or that it will wear out sooner rather than later. :-\

While gaming the cpu gets up between 55-68 degrees, and I start to worry So i usually dont play for very long at those high temps. usually i quit after an hour lol. Am I just over worrying about it? By the way, this is all using the intel stock cooler. I purchased a cooler master cpu cooler for a short time, but eventually returned it because I barely noticed maybe 5 degree temp drops AT THE MOST, which didnt seem like much to me considering the sheer size of the massive cooler lol. So at the moment im using the stock cooler until I find a new computer case, because I dont want to get a cpu cooler that wont fit my new one *whenever i get it).

those temps are When im using my graphics card. The card is defective, so I have to soon return it to the manufacturer. The i7 obviously has integrated graphics on the chip, and when I run using the integrated graphics, temps tend to shoot up higher, usually about 35-45 at idle, and around 55-75 on load (or gaming).

So basically, what are safe averages for an i7? like i said im not very familiar with cpu temps, and so because of my paranoia on my new nice processor, i constantly watch the temps in the system tray. I want to be reassured that these temps are safe (if they even are) so I can stop being paranoid and watching my cpu temps all the time. lol. I even have considered liquid cooling, but since I'm not a overclocker, I figure this would be overkill for me, but if it will assure me stable temps, I might go that route, maybe a closed loop system, though then I will just be paranoid about liquid leaking into my components and frying my computer haha.

Oh,and lastly just so anyone knows of the rest of my machine. case tempurature is usually no higher than 35-38 degrees, which I assume is fine. My graphics card Ive usually seen no higher than 70 degrees, usually around 60. its a gtx 670, so I believe these suckers can run at even higher temps safely, though correct me if im wrong.

those were just for reference though. Mostly this thread is about my cpu temps.


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