Does the speed of a cpu effect the graphic card?

ok so im looking at buying an ultrabook with a 2 gb graphic card to do some light gaming however as all ultrabooks do it only has a 1.9GHz i7 (turbo 2.9 or something) CPU will the low GHz CPU effect my ability to game or is all game related prosesses given to the gpu to prosess?william10111[at]
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  1. While any decently coded code will try to split the heavy duty workload between the CPU and GPU as much as possible to reduce bottlenecks in the code it simply cannot be avoided completely.

    A slower CPU will impact a faster GPU, and a slower GPU will impact a faster CPU in some workloads.

    Having a "2 gb graphic card" doesn't really mean jack ***, it's just something nice to write on the specs to make the machine sound good?

    Specifically which 2GB graphics card" does the ultrabook have?
    - My own uses an Intel HD integrated, and it's not for gaming.
  2. The cpu speed does not directly have any effects on gpu. However, when gaming or performing other heavy graphical tasks, a slower cpu speed will decrease the overall gaming performance of the pc and how efficiently your graphics card is utilized. In other words: Your graphics card will be waiting for your cpu to "feed" it. Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
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