Graphics card sends monitor into power saving mode!

Hi, I recently built a new system and ran into a problem where the monitor slips into power saving mode when my graphics card is inserted. The monitor remains blank while windows boots just fine as I can hear the windows boot sound.
However when the PCI slot is free the monitor powers up as normal.

I don't think that the graphics card is faulty as I tried another card with the same problem arising. Also tried using different monitors which returned the same result of them going into power saving mode. Any suggestions to fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated :)

If it helps i am using an Asus P8Z77-V Pro motherboard with an I7 3770K processor, OCZ ZX 1000W Power supply and the Graphics card being an Nvidia Geforce 570 GTX.

Thanks Again if you can help!
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  1. Make sure you are plugging the monitor into the gtx 570 as any onboard graphics will disable as standard behaviour.
  2. I've tried plugging into the graphics card and the monitor still stays in power saving mode :/


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