Geforce 560 GTX types

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    Your first two links are the same. The first link is right. The second link is wrong and when I tried to find the second link my security kept kicking me off the site and finally when I was able to veiw it.

    It wouldn't let me see the clocsk and other things like on the first link. So at this point I don't know what the clocks are. But keep in mind that the 560 is clocked and If you compair it to a 560 Ti stock.

    It will look better than the 560 Ti. But if you were to get a 560 Ti and OC it your self you would be way up there more so then the 560 is OC'd as well. Just saying. But if you want a card.

    That is already OC'd and you don't want ot do it your self then go for the one you like. because it will be like having a stock 560 Ti. Plus the 560 Ti's that are OC'd are at least around $225 to $265.

    Now if you wanted the 2GB of Vram then you should be running more than one monitor or your resolution at 1920 x 1200 or higher. That what the extra Vram is mainly used for.

    Here are some bench marks for stock cards just you can get an idea about which cards are better. Just remmember that if you OC the card of course it will run better in comparing them. Good luck to you.

    560 vs 560 Ti

    560 vs 6870

    560 Ti vs 6870
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