I am about to build my First gaming pc, your thoughts?


So I am abou to build my first gaming pc from scratch and I would love to hear yor opinioun and any advice you have to offer me, I have bought gaming pc's in the past and have upgraded them but never from scratch so this is my first challenge and any help or sujestions would be great!

Ok so I am thinking of
Nzxt phantom 410 case.

Asus p9x79 pro motherboard

intel i5 3rd gen

corsair h80 liquid cooling

Windows professional 64bit

corsair vengeance 16gb ddr3 ram

Series GS700 700w power

seagate barracuda 7500rpm 2tb

nvidia gtx 560 ti

I have monitors and gaming mouse,keyboard but anything else you can think of? what do you think of my plan?
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  1. There's no i5 CPU that will work on an X79 motherboard. You will need Z77 for that. And then 16GB of RAM won't be of use on a gaming system and there's no reason to get Pro if you don't need the networking features. Also the H80 isn't needed - go with a 212 Evo instead, and stay away from the Corsair GS series.

    Also with the 660TI out now, there's absolutely no reason to purchase a 560TI anymore. What's your budget? I can suggest a better system if I knew that.
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