Phenom to i series change over

im looking into whats the best processor to change for i have the amd phenom 2 955 blk edition im looking into the cheapest way i can upgrade to 4 ghz processor
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  1. We need more information, like motherboard model and graphics card, therefore I can tell you if it actually is worth upgrading or if your GPU will bottleneck your CPU

    Best advice we could give for cheapest solution would be to overclock your current CPU
  2. i dont fully understand how to overclock my current 955 cpu....also how to test it to see if it would cope with it coz if i was to overclock i would like to get 4ghz
    i have as rock nf6-glan
    hd5450 is my graphics card if that helps
  3. Firstly, your current CPU is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too good for your GPU.

    Before you do anything I'd advise you upgrade your graphics card, especially if you do gaming. You will see a HUGEE increase if you jumped onto something like a HD6870 or 7850
  4. ok where is best to get either of those cards without paying through the nose?
  5. If you're in the UK I would check
  6. thanks dude will look about and upgrade
  7. Good luck
  8. quick question my friend said that if i was to overclock my cpu i would kill my gpu but i dont understand how overclocking my cpu would damage my gpu?
  9. It will only damage your CPU if it overheats, if you have a decent cooler on the CPU and are careful, there's no reason you will damage your CPU.

    Forget all that for now anyway, focus on buying the new graphics card, that's all that matters and you will hardly need to overclock.

    Thank me later!
  10. ok i get that i need a new gpu but whats the difference between the hd6870 and what i have both are 1 gb cards sorry if i seem stupid
  11. Memory size means almost nothing nowadays, you can have a 512MB card that outperforms a 1GB card.

    It's how many transistors/the clock speed/the memory speed.

    That's what makes the difference.
  12. thanks for the info and patience
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