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Black screen and sound loop but the game doesnt crash

when i crossfire my 6790 and 6850 when i start any game when i get to character creation etc, i get a black screen and a sound loop starts and then no sound at all, but the game doesnt crash i do have a movable curser though,

970a-d3 gigabyte mobo
amd anthlon x2 640 propus
4 gb 1600 ram
550watt ocz powersupply
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  1. help!
  2. if it work on a single card and they are both good,check if your power supply could give enough power to the system and both card at the time and did you install the driver for crossfire
  3. yes all driver are updated, and both cards work
  4. they all receive power and did you install the crossfire bridge
  5. yes i did, it must be the powersupply not giving enough power, i cant find any other threads of anybody with the same problem
  6. are you using on board sound ? if so go into the device manager and uninstall the amd high def sound ( hdmi ) and reboot. don't let windows reinstall it.

    ( audio device on high def audio bus )
  7. i use the realtek hd audio manager, how could that be the crash? the game gets to character selection and you can hear it for a second then sound stops completely, but when i minimize the game sound works fine
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    try to borrow a power supply with more power,the 6790 need a 500 watts with two 6 pins connector an the 6850 a 500 watts for crossfire of the 6790 see thispower requirements
  9. i bought a raidmax 850 watt gold certified psu today so im hoping that will fix it, i was worried about not having enough power from th beginning
  10. be around if you need more help
  11. i will be dont worry about that!
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