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recently i got ati 7770 but i noticed i got huge problems in it so there was no choice but doing a full 180 degree upgrade to the whole Computer,so recently i got a good Future upgrade deal but i am stuck Between buying Ivy or wait for Haswell.the bad thing is i am in Egypt and prices are nowhere like in USA so i linked the Egyptian Site that updates daily it is english don't worry :D (you can Use currency converter to see how much it costs in Dollars)

CPU:AMD Phenom X3 8650 2.3GHZ, 2.7GHZ OC
MotherBoard:GA-MA78GM-US2H DDR2 Mobo
Memory:Kingston Cheap 4GB DDR2 800mhz :na:
Storage:WD Green Caviar Oldy 360GB Normal SATA (WTF? :??:)
Video Card:Sapphire ATI 7770 GHZ VaporX Edition (the gpu isn't running at all due to CPU and causes big flickering)
Mobo GPU:ATI 3200 (i have been with it 3 years and till now i don't know how much memory it uses :heink:)
Case:SomeKind chinese cheap case with a BARELY good cooling :D
Power Supply:Cooler Master Extreme 2 525W (i have a veery bad feeling about this :( )
Optical Drive:Cheap ASUS standard DVD-RW

so i guess my PC sucks hell especially when i got the ati 7770 SO dad told me i won't upgrade until i finish this school year (OH GOD WHY!) which means...9 months so i finish in April 2013 AND same time,Intel Haswell is going to be released in April 2013 so i am pretty dead :( so here is my suggested New PC

New PC Plan:
CPU:Intel Core I5-3470 3.2GHz Quad Core ($195)
MotherBoard:Gigabyte GA-P75-D3 or GA-B75M-D3H ($94/$85)
Memory:CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 CL9 Dual Channel Memory Kit ($60)
Storage:won't upgrade,will remain same
Video Card:won't upgrade,will remain same
Case:won't upgrade,will remain same
Power Supply:Won't upgrade,UNLESS if i found if it the main problem causer
Optical Drive:Won't Upgrade,will remain same

so this sums up to $349 which equals 2000L.E

so guys what do you say? in both ways i am going to wait 9 months even to upgrade to ivy :( :cry: or should i upgrade to Haswell when it's released? :) and i am open to suggestion but please use EGPrices to recommend as egypt prices are different than USA :D\

i am just a normal gamer i don't wanr any overpriced or ultra cool stuff i just want a good PC with good CPU that cause no bottleneck :)
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  1. You can't upgrade to Haswell without changing the motherboard. It will use a different socket, so can't use the mobo you posted above. Good build though. It's so far off, that everything will change. Prices, components, etc. Come back next April and we'll help. :D
  2. ah so i am dead then :P well Fortuantly if i wait 9 months with this piece of crap i am on i will have much more money than now! :D well i am little sad that i will have to live with problems for 9 months but if it's for good then i am waiting! :D
  3. Haswell is a tock, so it's going to a lot more powerful and power-efficient.
  4. what exactly is happening with the old system?
  5. We could help you fix the issues so you can live with it until you can upgrade.
  6. Did you disable the onbaord video when you installed the HD7770? If not, that could be your problem right there.
  7. yeah i did,tried vsync,disabled onboard vga,used both 6 pin connector from the PSU and the one with GPU,checked DVI cable..i am just sad that i did everything that's why i think the only thing left is power supply :( and i am not expert in power supply though but i understand pretty much everything in it

    the flickering that i said is like a very fast black flickering during games and out of games,Desktop taskbar flickers very very fast in less than a second and when turning fast in games artifact alike shows up and goes in less than a second too
  8. what type of monitor are you using?

    what graphics card were you using before the 7770?
  9. it's just a cheap Malasyian Samsung SyncMaster943 it's old and got removed from Samsung's Site :P 18.5 inch,supports to 1360x768 but when i got the ATI 7770,my resolution got f***ed up and i got two new resolutions,1280x768,1366x768 so how the hell?

    i was using OnChip Graphic card,ATi 3200 (780G Chipset) and till now if i switch to it there is no problem at all so it is a problem in the ATI 7770
  10. 1. Install the card.
    2. Boot up, and install the 12.8 drivers for the card from AMD's website.
    3. Restart.
  11. indeed. if you get that flickering after the updated drivers, its likely a faulty card. (see if you can test in a friends system)
  12. to be honest i didn't use it much right after i returned with it i just tested games and went to update it right away and i don't want really to's a pain in the a** x( and unfortunatly i don't have a friend with a new gen system
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