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Dumb do I remove this graphics card?

Okay so I'm moving my hd 5670 from my old computer to my dad's and the graphics card seems to be stuck to the wall of this computer? do I get it out from the computer it's in now? I pushed the lever thing down to allow it to be pulled out supossedly but it's still hooked in it seems at the backpanel of the computer where the video input is

Here's some pics of the graphics card and what i'm dealing with
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    The answer is in the last photo, just slightly visible in the upper right corner. I suspect it has a partner a couple of inches to the left. Both need to be removed then that plate will slide up and you can remove the card.

    Edit: Looking at pic one again I'm not sure four shows me what I thought it did. You are looking for one to two screws that are holding a plate down. Not sure how to describe the plate....
  2. Thanks, that worked and I have the graphics card out now but I have another dilemma now.
    Which one of these is the pci-e slot that I put my graphics card into?
  3. Uhm, the long black one?
  4. alrighty, lol thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
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