PSU/Graphics Card Issue

Hey all.

As the title of the thread implied, I'm having an issue with my graphics card and power supply.

To begin with these are the two items in question:
1.) PSU -
2.) Graphics Card -

Now the problem I'm having is this: While my power supply is supplying power to the motherboard, fans, and everything else it's plugged into, whenever I plug in the 6 pin pcie cable into the card, the card's fan doesn't come on. This makes me think that the card is receiving no power. Furthermore, the software that came with the card directed me to go to " for the optimized driver." To compound the issue even further, after tracking down the proper drivers for this card and installing them, I am told that the my computer is not detecting "an XFX product at this time."

I have tried reseating it and that failed to make any difference. I made sure the cable was firmly plugged in and that the card was indeed where it ought to be.

It really confuses the hell out of me because this same card was working for me approximately a week ago. I originally purchased it from BestBuy and began to use it immediately without issue. After moving all of my components to a new case, however, it ceased to work. My suspicion is that the 6 pin cable is somehow faulty on the PSU, but I highly doubt that's the case since the PSU works fine with all of my other components...

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  1. since this psu came with 4 pci-e power cord try each one of then if this not working ask for rma
  2. I have tried all four of the pci-e cables. None work.
  3. then rma that psu for defect
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