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Needing help choosing a video card.

Hello, I am here to ask what video card i could be able to use with my power supply.
-Computer: hp-p7-1226s
-Power supply: 300 watts
-Processor: Intel core i3-2130(3.4 Ghz)
-Ram: 6 gb ddr3 1333
-Hdd: 1 Tb 7200 RPM
-Dvd drive: Super Multi DVD Burner Optical Drive.
Thank you for any feedback. I have been looking at a amd 6670, 7750 graphics card's as you see i have a very low watt psu and i just don't know what i should get. I'm hoping to get something that can at least get me decent FPS. I used to have a hp laptop that had a amd 4250 video card. If anything id like to get better FPS then i got with that. If i can increase my FPS by at least 10-15 from what i was getting in the laptop i would be very happy. This desktop that i now have gets about 5 FPS better if i can any better performance i would be very happy. Also i don't play super graphic intensive games. I mostly play World of Tanks and some other games on steam nothing to graphic heavy. Thank you for the feedback.
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  1. 6670 should run on 300 watt
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    6670 should run on 300 watt

    Yeah the only thing iv'e been seeing while researching is that people say the 7750 uses less wattage. I'm not to sure if that is right. Thank you for the reply and i hope that it will do fine if i do get that.
  3. HD7750 should only draw somewhere around 200 watts as long as your PSU is a decent one you should be fine.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    HD7750 should only draw somewhere around 200 watts as long as your PSU is a decent one you should be fine.

    Meh i don't think its to decent just a stock power supply that came with the computer. I was going to buy a gaming desktop made by CyberPower (this had a amd 6670) but this was much cheaper and has almost identical specs and i knew i could install a video card myself.
  5. Should be fine,like i said it pulls about 200 watts.
  6. I don't really want to spend the extra little bit of money to upgrade the psu. Also the links to the video cards i was looking at.
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    You should be fine with either one with the psu you have.
  8. Alright cool I will be glad to get one of these and install it in my system. Thank you for the feedback.
  9. O perfect I am going to order a amd 7750. Doing more research I found a newegg video Saying that the 7750 only pulls 75 watts max. Very good and i believe this will run very very nicely with no issues. Thanks again.
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