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I have the option of either buying a xfx 7850 with two games or an asus 7870 open box with none. both are at stock clocks. Which should I get.
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  1. 7850 with 2 games. Plus, XFX has a good customer service if anything goes wrong with your card.
  2. get the hd7870 if the price is same. You can easily OC it to 7950 level.
  3. are the prices the same? if so go for the 7870......also you need to give us more details....1. Price of each 2. The specs of the rest of your system. 3. Specifically the specs of your psu 4. what is your monitor setup? # of monitors and resolution
  4. 1) The 7850 is 235 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150608) and the 7870 is 240 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121624R)

    2) Im probably going to be running an overclocked fx 8120 but I havent actually ordered yet. (I already have the motherboard)

    3) I have a 750w thermaltake psu.

    4) as far as monitors go I currently have a 1080p 19" 60Hz Tv and eventually I'm probably going to move to an actual computer monitor
  5. for 5 dollars more I would def go with the 7870....the performance difference is def worth 5 bucks...usually the two games that come with gpus are not the latest and greatest games out there..do you know which two games come with the 7850? Are they games that you would buy if you werent getting them for free with the card?
  6. It comes with Dirt 3 and Dirt showdown which I would like to get but not sure if it justifies a downgrade of card
  7. The 7870 is actually a sizable performance jump from the 7850. I love mine, I actually sold my two 6950s and got a 7870 and a 7770 for my kids computer. Its very quiet and plays all my games at 60FPS or better at 1080p. Like said previously by 'drums101', only go for the free games if it is something you would actually want to play that would factor your purchase. Otherwise go for the better performing card. ASUS makes some really solid cards too. And so does XFX. It really comes down to if you want those games and what settings you plan on playing at.
  8. Another vote for the HD7870, except that I'd choose a new XFX over an Asus, especially an open box. Asus makes great mobos, but I had to return 2/4 Asus graphics cards within days of first use due to failure.
    Now, I'm running a XFX HD7870, and it does very well.
  9. Thanks for the replies but my budget is around 200, maybe a little bit higher but not much, and the only 7870 I could have gotten was the open box one and its not in stock anymore so Im going with the 7850
  10. the 7850 is perfect for 1080 in my opinion, it gets 60+ fps in games like Witcher 2, BF3, GTA IV, Saint's Row and others maxed out with full AA and everything what more could you want at 1080p
  11. If that's all your budget allows, don't worry about it. If money is tight, get a HD6870 or even a HD6850 and turn a few settings down.
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