MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC Problems After RMA.

Hey guys, here's the problem,

I own my 560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II for about a couple months now and it always worked great until a 3 weeks ago when it started having some issues with the fans,

So I sent it to MSI for RMA. A couple days ago I received it with the fans problem fixed but I started having trouble with other, more important stuff.

As soon as I start playing to any games out there I get all kind of graphic glitches and "spikes", and i keeps getting stronger as I keep playing the game.

So far I've experienced this with these games; Diablo 3, Total War: Napoleon, Dirt 3, MLB 2k12.

Here's some screenshots for those who might not understand what kind of issues I'm talking about;

Now my question is, should I RMA it again?
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  1. check your temps and tell us what they are...I would prolly just RMA the card and get another one....hopefully you will get a good card the next time...also try uninstalling the drivers and re installing the latest ones
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!

    Idle temperature is 40-45°C

    When gaming it's around 60-65°C

    And yeah, I already tried uninstalling old drivers and installing the new ones, no success.
  3. those temps are perfectly fine and if you have done the drivers already it seems like you have done everything you can. I would rma the card....alot of companies send out refurbished cards for RMA's its the luck of the draw with them (my cousin worked for BFG tech RMA me good deals on cards while they were around but they were all refurbished)....just to be thorough what brand and wattage psu do you have?
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