Won't post after crash

My system is about a year old and has given me no problems since I built it.

I removed my heatsink (cooler master hyper 212+) to clean some extra dust out of the system and after reapplying the thermal paste and closing the case back up everything booted up per usual. Ran prime95 to check temps and the system seemed stable at 53c. I went to go get a drink and when I came back the system was locked up. Screen frozen, mouse unresponsive so I turned it off holding power. Now the system won't post. LEDs light up, fans spin, hard drive, everything powers up but no beeps. No BIOS screen. According to my mobo manual the LED pattern is indicating "Abnormal: CPU/Chipset error". I cleared the CMOS, reseated the graphics card, cleaned and reinstalled the heatsink, double and triple checked all the connections. I used artic silver 5 and am afraid I fried something but it was running fine after the first time I opened her up so I am hoping something else is the problem.

Biostar TP67B+
Intel i5 2500k
Sapphire HD 6850
Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 (2x2GB)
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  1. Did you overclocked your cpu while running Prime95?
  2. No, it was not OC'd.
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