Spilled small amount of coffee on pc while unplugged, won't start now

I spilled some coffee onto my pc case, a little bit got in through my top fan vent on the case. I had the pc not running and everything unplugged. After doing some research I decided to let it dry for a whole day before I tried starting it. When I plugged it in, all the led's came on on the
Motherboard. I tried starting it and it act's like it's almost gonna start for a second but doesn't.

I unplugged everything except my CPU and it really almost started this time, but still didn't. I then unplugged the CPU power cable and started it and all of the fans, including the CPU fan and hardrives turned on.

I started to think it may be my psu so I tried starting another computer I have with it. Only this other computer uses the 4 pin CPU power plug. It did start that computer up just fine, but I'm wondering if my 6 pin CPU power cable is messed up? The plug in for the CPU is right under my case's top fan vent. So the coffee most likely hit it first.

Any thoughts on what to do? Should I quick buy another psu and see if that works?


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  1. Could be your MOBO, PSU, CPU, or some combination. If your other PC has the same socket compatibility with your CPU, I would test the CPU in it.
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