Can I use ATI HD 6670 with Built-In nVidia GeForce 7025 simultaniously

As I said above, I want to use my Built-In (On Board Nvidia GeForce 7025) Graphics card with PCIe x16 Radeon HD 6670 card on M2N68-AM PLUS Mother Board?

Can I use these two cards togather for better performance?
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  1. Unfortunately, you cannot combine an AMD graphics and Nvidia graphics together for better performance. But, the 6670 will work by itself.
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    If you were able to combine them, which you cannot, it would not better the performance at all. The GeForce would actually slow down the Radeon.

    The 6670 should be fine on its own.
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  4. But the technologies like SLi and CrossFireX are made to run tow same cards for dual performance. Then why not nvidia with ATI?
  5. Different vendors, different incompatible technology with SLI and Crossfire.
  6. The technologies are a little different. You can utilize both cards at the same time(like using 2 displays), but you can't sli them or crossfire them like as already said.You can install both sets of drivers, and you may be able to use the nvidia card to provide some phys-x capability. Also some motherboards may have some ways(software) to allow you to use the integrated graphics to supply some small increase in performance, but it hasn't been shown to be very effective,
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