Advice for a noob, 3570k overclocking and temps

ive just had my 1st go at overclocking with a 3570k at 4.2, ive set the vcore voltage to manual and set it at 1.168 is this ok ?? or can i get it lower,
im using a corsair h80, on load in battlefield 3 on a full server with 64 players on ultra it hits 52,
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  1. it also idles at 26-30 via realtemp
  2. The 3570K is very comfortable at that speed and voltage. You could go a little faster but voltage will need to go up and up very soon so not really worth it to go too much higher for 24/7.

    The sensors are not 100% accurate so idle temperatures are not very important. Your gaming temps are fine.

    Real Temp T | I Edition
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