Upgrading my power supply .. confused about the size

Hi guys,

I'm thinking to buy this :

(used item online)

instead of my very old one : maz power supply p4 350 watt .. i don't think its original because i couldn't find a picture of it on the internet LOL

It looks like this with its real dimensions

My question : Do you think it will fit my case comparing it to the old ps ?

Thank you :)
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  1. dont buy a used power supply. capacitors degrade as they age.
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    You have an ATX poer supply. Any other ATX power supply will fit in you machine (90% of the power supplies on the market are ATX).

    If you're on a budget, this is a good PSU for your system.
    Corsair builder CX430 $20 mail-in rebate makes the total cost $20 :)
  3. Thank you guyz and oh yeah its fit :)
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