High end gaming PC need feedback

So here it is.

Primary use, gaming, which means maxing metro 2033 on a 2560 x 1440 resolution with at least 60 fps
Below that and I won't be happy with my PC

Add to that a catleap monitor and some high end headset. I'm looking at the astro 40 and the earforce PX5 right now.

Feel fee to give feedback on this build, I' m planning on ordering parts next week.

I also really don't know which case to take and, if liquid cooling is necessary.

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  1. You sent an link that other people can't see.
    You should send a link like this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/flR2
  2. that's just an example, not any kind of advice
  3. lq is for extrem overclocking or people that want a pc that they cant here when it runs. myself i would use the lq money for a better case and gpu. I would get a good cpu cooler with 120-140mm fan and a good fan controller for the case fans and some good after market fans. if i was going to be building myself a killer rig a would wait till the intel ib for the 2011 cpu drop in a few months or hold off for haswell. the 1155 not bad for mid size gaming rig but you need that repeater chip on the 1155 that the 2011 chipset does not need.
  4. Oh crap sorry, I'll change the link in a sec...


    here you go it should work now.
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