I7 3770 freaks my Nvidia MSI 660ti SLI setup out

Hi Guys

Please can you help me

I currently have a
GA-Z68XP-UD3 Bios version F10
OCZ Vertex4 Ata
2 msi GTX 660ti Running in Sli
700w power supply
Windows 8

I was given a i7-3770K, 900w power supply and Case.

So my new setup is
GA-Z68XP-UD3 Bios version F10
OCZ Vertex4 Ata
2 msi GTX 660ti Running in Sli
900w power supply
Windows 8

But the problem I am having is that when I put the i7-3770K my Nvidia SLI setup starts freaking out and hangs or just reboots my machine then boots into VGA mode
I have swapped the SLI connector
I have run the cards separately in both slots and swapped them around they work perfectly also if I run both cards but don't enable SLI in the software it works
Reloaded windows 8
Put the 700 w power supply back in
Tried 3 different Nvidia drivers
Nothing above helped so I can only thing the I7 3770 is not compatible with the motherboard but according to gigabyte website it is.

Please can someone check I am not missing anything. I did look for settings to change in the Bios but nothing stands out

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  1. To me it sounds like the PSU is not able to run both cards in gaming mode (SLI) When gaming in non-sli mode only 1 card is in 3d mode and the other is pretty much just running the desktop.

    What brand & model PSU is it?
  2. Maybe Win 8 sucks and doesnt like sli lol just my opinion

    But wat popatim said if its not a reliable brand and quality psu even at 900watts two gpus may not run together.

    Serious on the win8 thing kinda, there has been known for issues with win8 as it just released if u can try win 7 even if its not activated
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply
    Please see link below to the power supply
    I have been running windows 8 for 3 months now with no issues so I never thought win 8 could be an issue. I will try a windows 7 instillation.
  4. psu seems good newegg reviews shows sli setups and its an antec, overall i just dont like win 8. Also my friend had a new laptop with Win8 and always got BSODS and freezes for no reason and geek squad was like well it'll be $200 for hardware lookover and gotta talk to microsoft about win 8 patches, he was like no way and returned it, so thats my experience with it lol.

    It doesnt hurt to try anyway, as maybe drivers for the motherboard or nvidia with Win8 are not yet stable with, some bugs.

    I like to refer Win8 to being Vista 2.0 lol
  5. Flash the bios on the board.
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