Hello guys, im new here. love this site :) . ok so i got a really old pc, and i dont know if the parts i just got would work with it i mean.. i got a g31t-lm motherboard with a e2180 processor atm, 4gb ram running on a 64bits system, and i just bought a q9400 and a hd7870 (i know i should just bough a whole new system but got those two really cheap prices and from where im from its extremely expensive to buy/build an pc) so my question its would it work? the mother could handle that proccesor i think i checked on the site and it saids it does, but im not sure about the hd7870 prob gonna bottleneck it, its ok tho ill change the mother and procesor soon. my concern atm its that. if it would work or not, also what psu should i use? was thinking on getting a 500w corsair psu but not sure if it will be ok im kinda new on this stuff.

Hope u guys can help me, and sorry for the bad english. :na:
Sorry if i posted on the wrong place i really dont know where should i post :s
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    Don't worry about GPU and CPU compatability, if the board has a PCI-E slot and has the socket for your CPU, they'll work together. A 500w Corsair branded PSU as you mentioned is more then enough.
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  3. thanks for the help bro.
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