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Got an asus Vh236h works on my other computer so makes me think it's a graphic card issue. When connected to DVI I get an all white screen with some thin red lines. When I try hdmi cable I see windows loading then screen goes black. Using msi 7870 Gpu. I last used computer a week ago and worked fine. This is all part of a new build less than month old. Did my video card die or have error? Plz help thx
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  1. Check to see that everything is firmly plugged inside the case. If it is, update your BIOS.
  2. where do i go in order to update the bios cause i dont see any option for it. thanks
  3. We need to know what mobo you have.
  4. z77 extreme4 i know i gotta hit either DEL or F2 but dont think that's working. here is my issue:


    msi radeon 7870

    asrock z77 extreme4

    crucial m4 128gb ssd

    corsair hx750 psu

    g.skill 8gb ram

    asus vh236h monitor

    windows 7

    it was working fine about a week or so ago. then i shipped it 2 day shipping from NJ to AZ. just got it and hooked it up, plugged it in and for the dvi connection on my monitor the screen is all white with some thin red lines on it. so i try the hdmi connection and the computer turns on and then goes to the windows loading screen but gets stuck there or screen goes black. i just used this monitor on another computer and it worked fine. i tried my computer with a second monitor and i am getting the same issues which leads me to believe its either an issue with my video card or maybe even the ssd. like i said i do get to the windows 7 loading part where it shows the windows 7 logo with the colorful squares.

    can any help me troubleshoot this please? will try anything. thanks
  5. Boot into the BIOS. If it boots into the BIOS and nothing happens, then go ahead and update. Find the Internet Flash function. It will download the update from the BIOS and flash it for you. Simple as that.
  6. before you flash a pc that was working fine and now has an issue. you may fail the flash. first off open the case and check that the card and heat sink are connected. a lot of times when shipping a pc a bad bounce can pop a ram stick or the cpu heat sink can fall off and roll around inside the pc or damage stuff. I i have a friend that shipping or buying a pc that being shipped i tell them to check the pc out before you power it on. i seen metal cpu heat sinks rip cpu sockets off from bad shipping.
  7. If everything is plugged in, remove the GPU and test the RAM sticks individually. Put a stick in, and if Windows boots, it passed the test.
  8. i downloaded the latest driver update 12.8 and now i am getting a blue screen after the windows start up screen
  9. Did you make sure everything was plugged in and you tested the RAM?
  10. Well an old thread though maybe someone will google this problem and see this like I did. Basically you monitor is shot. This just happened to my monitor after about 4 years of use, white background and red lines when I turn my monitor on, it has nothing to do with your actual computer ei. gpu/bios, as you just have to turn your comp off and turn on your monitor to see it is still there. Time to buy a new one.
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