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What single card is better than 2 GTX 560 in SLI? I was thinking GTX 680 am I wrong? I need the best single graphics card for around $500-$600
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  1. Both setups should perform similarly, but take into account that the GTX 680 will run cooler, quieter, and consume less power. You also have the option of running SLI in the future.

    Do you already own the GTX 560 SLI setup? If so, I would keep the GTX 560 SLI for now. I assume most AAA titles or popular games would run great with your current setup (more importantly, the games you currently own). I would wait until the next round of cards arrive, or invest the money into upgrading the CPU (if needed), getting an SSD, and much more.
  2. Hmmm, thanks. I got 8 gigs of RAM would it be a good idea to get another 8 or just worry about CPU SSD? Yes I had 2x560s but one broke and I was going to upgrade anyway. How much longer till the next series arrives?
  3. Also my motherboards placement of the PCIE slots is terrible. When I had the two cards there was just not enough room. The top card would hit 90 C all the time
    . Honestly I kind of wanna get a new Mobo simply because if I get a new graphics card and end up getting two for SLI or crossfire they will not fit and will be super hot. But idk if thats really worth the change. Advice?
  4. Keep the 8GB of RAM; it is more than enough for gaming. What are your full specs, by the way?

    You can RMA the GPU for a replacement if possible. If not, I would look at the GTX 670 (cheaper than the GTX 680 without sacrificing much performance).
  5. they don't perform similarly......... that's where people who look at FPS benchmarks and get misled. The 680 will smoke the sli set up.

    Look for an ASUS 670 Direct-cu II "top" card. Faster than the 680 and cheaper. Will also run cooler.
  6. Lets see:
    Intel i5-2500k @ 3.30Ghz

    8 gigs G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)

    MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache

    I can't remember my Mobo brand or my PSU brand. It's a 1000w though
  7. Everything looks great (not sure about the PSU though).
    I would go for the GTX 670 if you desire an upgrade, and use the rest of the money to invest in an aftermarket cooler to overclock your CPU (if you do not already have one) in order to remove any sort of bottleneck and further improve performance. What resolution do you play games at (I assume you will be gaming)?
  8. Yeah, I play at 1080p on a 42in
  9. CPU Cooler (if you do not already have one; pretty ugly to me, but if you don't mind, then okay):

  10. i advise you to buy this it smokes
    gtx 670 at any clock or wait for hd7970ghz edition it is the best
  11. That is one gigantic CPU cooler. Idk if that will even fit haha. Okay, so the 670 there is good but the 680 is better. Now I have now problem paying more for the better card (with in reason ie: not getting a 6990) So give it to me straight. Which card is best for about 600? Also does everyone agree 2GB is enough memory on a graphics card? I've heard things like it is enough now but 3-4Gigs is good future proofing. Which is exactly what I'm trying to do.
  12. At 1080p, 2GB is fine. The extra VRAM will help if you are running at a high monitor resolution. Along with the GTX 680, you can afford a great aftermarket cooler like the Hyper EVO (with two fans in push-pull). Of course, it won't outperform coolers such as the Phanteks or Noctua coolers (the huge ones you see pretty often), but for a $35 cooler, its price/performance makes it an attract cooler for cheap.

    I just noticed your comment on the motherboard issue and PCIE slots. Remember to get the reference cooler GTX 680 then. That way, the hot air is exhausted out the case, keeping GPU temps closer to one another.
  13. citizensoldier said:
    What single card is better than 2 GTX 560 in SLI? I was thinking GTX 680 am I wrong? I need the best single graphics card for around $500-$600

    I was running EVGA 670gtx superclocked sli and now I'm on EVGA superclocked 680gtx sli and I can tell you the 680gtx simply not worth it. On stock clock its betwin 2-5% performance improvement. I've seen test showing 8-9% increase when comparing overclocked cards.

    The HD7970 lightning for 530$:

    Many difference benchmark seem to have a different result on the 680gtx vs the hd7970 lightning. I guess it might depend on the game but both are pretty similar.

    Personaly I always advice to go for the 670gtx over the 680gtx. The very little power gain do not worth the +100$ spent. And well I play on a 2550x1440p and a single 670gtx was caping BF3 on ultra with 4MSAA around 70fps, The single 680gtx do same. I'm not even sure if I have got a 2fps gain, I'd have to run test.
  14. See that's the main problem here. There is no one GTX 680 or 670. There are so many different overclocked or super clocked or w/e that can make a 670 a way better card than a basic 680. Now I don't want to blindly pick the card that one person chooses for me, so can we agree on a single model? Not that I don't appreciate the help. I hope I'm not sounding like a douche. Anyway, I think it seems pretty unanimous that a 680 isnt worth the extra cash even if I'm willing to pay for it, so I need a 570 that can run as good as possible. Again really appreciate the help guys.
  15. Get this one:

    It got the best all around vote from Tom's Hardware. They compared noise, power, cooling, etc.
  16. Ok so that sounds great so how about SSD, How about this one?
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