Why am I lagging with my higher speed service?

I'm hosting a Minecraft game server on my computer

3.5GHz Phenom II x4
10 GB DDR3
Windows 7 64x

And on my old RoadRunner 'Turbo' package, the lag wasn't very bad, it started at about 15 users then got worse from there.

So thats why I got the new 'Extreme' package and received a new modem, a motorola surfboard SBG5680.

Now, every few minutes it hiccups for about 5 seconds and gets much worse the more players there are online.

Of course I've tryed restarting everything; closing background programs and processes, and all the other standard procedures.

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  1. I feel your pain. I am not a PC gamer but am a console gamer. Luckily that doesn't require hosting except certain games. But last week i just upgraded from the Roadrunner Turbo (with powerboost or whatever it's called) to the new Roadruhnner Extreme and i am less than thrilled. I posted here just yesterday about VERY inconsistent speeds.

    Depending on the usage or time of day the numbers you get on the official Roadrunner speed test are all over the board. I have gotten 8MB and i have gotten 18MB. But have never gotten close to the 30MB they advertise. So there are probably times where you are getting way less speed than you think. The old service although it would fluctuate as well was much more consistently around 10-14MB download.
  2. hey pyraetos, have you been able to figure anything out yet. I am still searching for answers too. I have had a tech out at my place and since just by luck he happened to get 17MBPS speeds he just said that was pretty normal (even though they claim 30). I, on the other hand, have been testing it daily since i "upgraded" and 17 is not how high i normally get. I even went so far as to run myself a new coaxial cable this weekend to see if that would improve anything since mine was about 10 years old. Made no difference. Updated all the drivers on my motherboard, still no higher speeds.

    If you happen to figure it out please post up and let me know.
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