Is there any software out there that analyzes your processes in windows7 and removes unnecessary ones that are running i have a list a mile long in task manager and not sure what should be there and what shouldnt Thanks
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  1. Hello littletlw;

    'a list a mile long' isn't very technical. How many is Task Manager showing? It's totaled up for you at the lower edge of Task Manager.
    Remember to have the Show processed from all users checked.
  2. it says 78
  3. I haven't seen any. Even if you could get hold of one, I'm sure your definition of "unnecessary" and it's will be different. You may be better off just looking at what is in your "startup" folder and removing those.
  4. Try running CCleaner first and see what you end up with after the run.
  5. After that run Resource Monitor.
    Use the Start Menu's search bar (at the bottom) and type in: resource
    and choose Resource Monitor from the Programs category.

    You can look at process activity for CPU/RAM/Disk/Network resources.
    And you can right click on a process and use the 'Search Online' option to more info about that process.
  6. still say 78 after running ccleaner is 78 high or not
  7. littletlw said:
    still say 78 after running ccleaner is 78 high or not

    Hi :)

    I have 104 running and i am an IT pro...and nothing is wrong with my machine...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. It is high - but at least you know you're probably not running any really bad 'crap-ware'.

    Make and model of your system?
  9. mb asus p5e-vm hdmi
    cpu intel Q6700
    only 2gb of ram but 2 more coming today
    window7 home 32bit
    gpu asus gtx560 ti 900mhz
    psu thermaltake 750w
  10. It's not an OEM system like Dell or HP that would have a bunch of 'trial-ware' or OEM specific utility programs.
    So yes, I think you're on the high end of things.
    Im not an IT Pro and my system is running about 42 processes just now.
  11. no its not dell I put it together about 6 years ago
  12. Hawkeye mentioned checking the Startup folder (included the Public and Default accounts) in the Users folder.
    Also check for any programs you've authorized to 'Run at Windows Startup'. Some IM programs would be an example.

    Check the 'Show Hidden Icons' list which is the little white triangle on the Taskbar.
  13. If you use iTunes that program might have five of six processes loaded all the time even if you're not using it at the moment.
  14. Ok thanks i will try that thanks again for your help
  15. How to Change, Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7 helps you search for explanations of what all those processes are doing and what programs they're related to.
  16. K thanks
  17. win7 itself has about 60-70 itself if i remember right

    dont worry about it.

    ive got 105 but ive got a load for examlple. processes for mouse,3 for keyboard,printer,different software

    and many other things

    you should be looking at the memory each one takes instead thats where the problem's lie

    most viruses will take quite a bit up as well as programs that are/will slow your pc down
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