Computer shuts down at night

About 2 months ago I puchased a new Dell Inspiron 620 MT. In the last week or so, it has been shutting down at night for no apparent reason. Does anyone know how to fix it and/or would it be covered by the warranty?

Any advice is helpful!
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  1. Shutting down at the same time every night, or at random? Is it the normal shut-down sequence, or does it simply go dark?
  2. I havn't actually scene it shut down, every night i put it in sleep mode, and it the next mornigh it will be off. Then it will 'resume windows' when I turn it back on.
  3. Sounds like its set to go into hibernation after a certain interval of inactivity to save power. I would leave it as is, it will save all your progress when resume and doesn't take too much time to get back up and running again.

    If you want to change it go to power option in control panel and go to your power plan. Then advanced power setting->sleep->Hibernate after. Set it to 0 for never going to hibernate or a really large value. Then you may have to adjust some setting like brightness to get windows to accept the change to advanced option. (I think its a flaw in windows design) and then save the change
  4. Thanks for the help! That sounds like it should fix it
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