P.O.S.T fail beeping does not stop Please help

i just finished my first build and i got a beeping error that does not stop until the computer restarts it self on my mother board there a LED that say BBIOS that lights up i got a gigabyte z77x-ud5h
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  1. double post
  2. ok i fixed it another way but now i get a black screen and no post beep
  3. what are the code on the debug light and do you use the a onboard video or a pci-e card check if she having power connector for a 6 or 8 pins power cablef rom the psu
  4. how i check the code ? i only got a voltage screen on my motherboard and i am running of a gtx 670 ftw
  5. the gtx is running of 6pins x2
  6. look in your motherboard user manual they show you the led degug light on to right of the board and will give you the meaning ot this code also recheck all cable and memory stick if they all well seated on the board
  7. it says pre memory north and south bridge initialization is started wha does that mean ?
  8. in page 119 that means this part of boot is hte right one also what you got for psu
  9. i got a corsair ax750
  10. do you think the motherboard is doa?
  11. bbbios is the second bios for boot if the main one is corrupt could you acces the post screen and use the manual to check if the bios setting are at default one
  12. how do i turn on bbois if the screen is black i get no signal
  13. does your monotor report no signal check the cable between pc and monitor if nothing work try cmos by removing the battery wiht the power off and disconnect then replug power and restart system
  14. ok i did every thing you told me and still the same thing :( any other options?
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    i would recheck cable andd parts also did you put the standoff post between case and motherboard do you have another graphic card you could try for test
  16. i got a gti 8500 but it kinda to old and almost dead lol yes i put the stands off but i tried to hook up the screen strength to the motherboard and still nothing so its not
    the gpu i will recheck all the wires right now
  17. if you cannot get any post screen from the onboard it could be the motherboard itself that is defective so you may need to rma the board for not booting
  18. ok so all the wires are good should i rma the motherbord and cpu ?
  19. i will rma the motherboard the the cpu because the problem before was my h60 was not working and the cpu maybe overheated because i let it run a few time and it would just restat
  20. hard to tel if you have to rma cpu also at least you could start with the motherboard i assume that the cpu is in the support list for this board also do you have a friend that could test the cpu on is board for you
  21. it up to you be around when you get parts back to read the result
  22. no thats the problem i think if i rma both at least i wont have to worry about having a problem with the cpu later on
  23. ok thanks a lot for your help i appreciate it
  24. hello scout i am back and got a question i am getting my motherboard and memory tomorrow i got the cpu today. i have read online that my motherboard has problems but if you download new bios it stops do you think i should down load the bios update first or after i install windows and other drivers ?>
  25. i would install windows and all the driver and if you need after that you should be able to download bios in the windows interface directly it iseasier to update bios this way
  26. i will download if from a flash drive with qflash it looks like its more dangerous to update bios in windows
  27. FML i got the same problem error 15 pre memory northbridge initializationis started and it restarts
  28. so i have fixed the problem it was my h60 water cooler my motherboaard has one 3pin fan connector next to the memory so i hooked up the pump to it and to figure out the 3 pin is reserved for only a memory cooler i think good i ordered a 4 to 3 pin connector last night so i got every working i am installing driver right now. BTW my leds on my fans dont work any more from all the restarts lol
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