Power Supply Question (Seems to crash my computer)


Need some help on something that's been happening to me recently.

It seems that I can play SOME games, but games that require a lot of attention I suppose like APB (Off Steam) seem to screw up. I play Shogun, League of Legends, etc just fine, but when I play APB my computer seems to shut down in a way. My computer screens go black, as well as the sound of everything. The weird part, is that the LED's on my computer are still on, as if it didn't fully shut down.

I have a 550 WATT Power Supply while it supports a GTX 670 I have, which is a minimum of a 500 WATT Power Supply. Now I'm thinkin this might be the solution to my problem, but if anyone recommends anything else, let me know.
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  1. It could be your PSU or it could be your graphics card drivers.
  2. What MAKE psu ?
  3. I'm not at home ATM and i'm unsure of which I have. I'll be home in about 2 hours or so, and I'll definitely post my SPECS on here.
  4. Just swapped my 550 WATT PSU with a 750 PSU and it still has the same problem. Any ideas?
  5. Speaking of the game, APB btw. It only seems to happen on that game.
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    to be honest it really sounds like graphics card drivers... I don't know if that game isn't supported, or what, but it really sounds like an issue with your drivers.
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  8. It actually was my drivers, I had to turn off the CUDA or CUDO (Can't remember what it was called) in my NVIDIA Control Panel.
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