Hello, I am having a problem with the sound on my desktop. All indications shown that the system is working but no sound reaches to the speaker or head phones. I have tried the fol:
Rebooting, download drivers, different speakers, head phones, last known good working setup, reinstall MOBO settings from original DVD. Device manager shows sound working ok, for a short while sound was intermittent then total silence. Any suggestions as my next option is what I refer to as my military action, a 2lb hammer

ASUS MOBO running AMD E350 dual core processor with onboard AMD Radeon HD6570, Realtek Hi Def Audio, 8Gb RAM (2x4) on Win 7 64Bit, PSU 750w
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  1. Goto control panel / sound and check the standard playback device. While playing music, the bars next to the active device will move. If it's the hdmi port, change it to the speakers.
  2. Are you using the onboard sound on the back panel? Or the headphone port on the front of the case?
  3. Yes I am using the on board sound. All the indicators shown that the sound is working, but nothing reaches the speakers or head phones. Suspect the sound chip is not working, but led to believe that they do not break down
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