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I was just wondering if building custom gaming computers and selling them on an online auction site like ebay was still profitable. I've done a fair amount of research but most topics date back from before 2007. Also, most custom gaming rigs on ebay are either sold by large companies who can sell for less since they buy en masse or by real people who just want to get rid of their PC and aren't looking for a profit. Is this a good area to do business in? All replies appreciated; thanks.
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  1. Unless you have a way to get your PC components below retail, You'd have to charge a very high price for your builds to make any profit by the time ebay/paypal/UPS take their cut. Of course you could have the buyer pay shipping. But that would limit your sales. Packaging/shipping supplies ain't cheap either.
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    It's basically near impossible to do for three reasons.

    The first is that if someone's going to buy a pre-assembled computer and can't build their own, they won't understand why yours is better than a Dell, so they'll buy a Dell. People who know enough about computers to understand also won't be interested; they'd rather just build their own machine for cheaper.

    The second is because most people who would buy a Dell can't troubleshoot their own machines and aren't interested in learning how to, so they'll buy from Dell or at worst a local computer shop so they have someone else around to do support for them.

    The third is that, as mentioned above, actual computer shops get wholesale prices on their parts. As an individual, you can still beat their prices with what you get retail off Newegg, but the margin is very thin.

    Of course, you can sign up for a commercial license and you can provide support for your buyers, but by then you're basically running a computer shop already.
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