Problems with HDMI output only during games

Hey everybody, I'm having very very strange issues here.

I have a gtx 570, with my moniter hooked up via dvi cable, and my tv hooked up via HDMI, with a hdmi to dvi converter for the end going into the computer. Now, the display looks perfectly fine when i do pretty much anything other than play a video game. The monter and tv are both set to 1920x1080 60hz for desktop. The settings are exactly the same for in game, but something is going wrong that makes my tv do something else. I have full pixel enabled, i've looked at plenty of forums and i cant find any other answers. Any one have a clue about this?
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  1. A few more details that might help that i just remembered.

    When i went to test a game in windowed mode on 1920x1080 resolution, the picture looked perfect on both displays. Another thing, is when i alt tab from a game back to desktop, the picture on the tv stays bad, and the nvidia control center icon in my task bar is flashing orange like something changed, although i don't know what.


    I took some pictures with my phone of what the tv looks like when I have a game open (picture one) and when i don't (picture two). Hopefully this helps a bit aswell.


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