Need help building first gaming PC budget $600-$750

Hello I've been an avid console gamer throughout my whole life, but now I've decided to start gaming on a PC, since I've never built a PC I am asking for help on how to make one NEAR my budget that could last me years to come without needing to upgrade to play modern games.
My main use for this computer would be gaming and occasional web surfing
I already own a mouse, keyboard an operating system and a monitor
As my monitor i shall be using my 1080p LED 32" hdtv
I am in the US and i prefer to buy parts from Frys and Newegg
What im looking for:Every part for the computer except for the ones stated above
Specifics: I need a disc drive, 8 gb ram, 500gb hdd a video card that can run 1920x1080 and has an hdmi port
I don't plan to overclock or sli ir crossfire
I will probably not be buying parts until the pre-black Friday, black Friday and cyber Monday deals on Newegg
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  1. It's difficult to recommend individual sales right now if you're going to wait, but I can recommend what hardware to look for in your price and recommendable performance ranges.

    A Radeon 7870 is probably the graphics card that you'd want. An Intel i5-3450 is the CPU that you might want to watch for with a good Z77 motherboard to match. A 2x4GB DDR3-1600 9-9-24 memory kit is probably the best option. A Western Digital Caviar Blue or Caviar Black would be the hard drive brands that I'd recommend.

    For the 7870, MSI is probably the best brand. For the memory, G.Skill or Crucial are generally the best brands with Corsair and a few others being almost as good. Gigabyte, ASRock, or MSI, especially ASRock, are generally the best brads for the Z77 motherboards. Asus is also good, but Asus can often be more picky about memory.

    A lot of cases can be good, but I tend to prefer HAF cases. Corsair is often the best PSU brand for the money, but Seasonic and Antec are also great and often slightly better quality, just not priced as well.
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    I posted this in your other thread, but it got pushed down.
  3. obsama1 said:

    I posted this in your other thread, but it got pushed down.

    I'm not sure if the 3570K is worth the sacrifice of a faster graphics card in this situation. The 3450 can hit 4GHz in overclocking well enough and that should be high enough for the graphics to be more important than going even farther. I can't argue with any of the other choices, they're great IMO.
  4. If you're not CF/SLIng or OCing, don't get a Z77 board. Get an H77 Pro4/MVP.
  5. azeem40 said:
    If you're not CF/SLIng or OCing, don't get a Z77 board. Get an H77 Pro4/MVP.

    Not planning on overclocking nor SLI/CF doesn't mean that one should skimp on overall motherboard quality and other features, especially not on at least having overclocking and SLI/CF as options.
  6. Thanks alot everybody for helping out, when the pre-black friday deals on newegg i'll buy the parts there and the other parts then
  7. Glad to help.
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  9. ok so if i were to build both of those pc builds how many years it be until i would have to upgrade to play modern games ?
  10. That's a very common question, but it is not easy to give a direct answer. It will last until there is a failure of some sort or until you decide that you want to upgrade. It depends on how long your hardware lasts and how future games behave. The latter is difficult to estimate, to say the least. If I had to guess, I'd say about 2-4 years, but that's not a concrete answer.
  11. Would my computer be okay if i replaced the xf 7850 with the sapphire 7850 because i've been hearing alot of good stuff with that video card and not having to overclock to use it?
  12. You don't have to overclock any video card to use it. You choose to overclock.
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