Will This PSU Run My GTX 560 TI?!?! (Help Please)

I have posted a topic like this earlier but i want to be clearer!

I have found a really good PSU fron NewEgg Really good reveiws and comments, (and looks kick ass!)


Please give it a look here are its power connectors

1 x 20+4 pins Main Connector
1 x 4+4 pins ATX 12V/EPS 12V Connector
2 x 6+2 pins PCI-E Connectors
6 x 5 pins SATA Connectors
3 x 4 pins Peripheral Connector
1 x 4 pins Floppy Connector

Can this run my GTX 560TI???

I chose this because it is an amazing price to pay in my opinion for a (really good) 630W PSU!

Also when it says "2 x 6+2 pins PCI-E Connectors" Does this mean 2 6 pins and in can be turned into 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin but doesnt have to be? Basically for the GTX 560 TI i need 2 6 pins, is this what the PSU says it comes with?

Also do i need any other specific connectors for my Computer, that are not here?
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  1. I'd get a better brand but the wattage is far enough.
  2. Its crap brand don't trust the "labeled" wattage, they lie like dogs bark.


    all worth looking at. XFX and Corsair usually have the cheapest buys, like the CX model for corsair.

    Better to be safe than sorry. Especially with something that can kill other components if it goes bad..
  3. It'll work, and yes that is what it means with the PCI-E connectors.

    However, I suggest going with a more premium brand. Honestly, you don't want to be cheap with a PSU. If you look at the feedback, 17% are very very negative reviews. Look for reviews that have less than 15% (or better yet, 10% or 5%) 1 egg feedback.
  4. No, that's a Chokemax PSU, undoubtedly not good for what is on its label. The little voltage switch gives it away as an older, inefficient design too (the new Antec VP-series is a notable exception). Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, or Enermax/LEPA would be my recommended choices. New Rosewill (Capstone and Hive) are also good.
  5. Quote:
    (and looks kick ass!)

    what will really look kick ass is when it blows up and takes down your whole system in a blaze of glory.
    but i'll admit that you figured out
    Does this mean 2 6 pins and in can be turned into 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin but doesnt have to be?

    and that gives me hope that you have the sense to get a better PSU. now what cpu you have is also a concern to know what PSU will suffice.
  6. Here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151093

    $10 more, more than enough power for a 560 and vastly more likely to be reliable.
  7. guys only just found that newegg dont ship to UK, SIGHHHH!

    So i will be needing one that isnt from newegg! SORRY !

    Thanks for the help all!
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