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Compuyer randomly shuts down restarts

Hi... My new build was running fine but since about a week ago i started getting this strange and serious problem with my computer.... I investigated myself through testing and researching but i have no idea what is causing this and how to fix this....

so the problem is that my computer just randomly shuts down without any warning and powers back up.... The shutting off process is like when u unplug the power plug from the wall so no window shutting down process and then powers back up and works fine again.... I tried to rule out when the restarts mostly when im playing games AND browsing web... I run duel monitor on one screen i play wow and the other screen browse web and thats mostly when restarts happens.... And if u see my system its way over kill for wow.. Hell i can open like 3 or 4 wow clients and still get a good fps.. Cpu usuage is at maxx 60% and i tried with default setting with no luck.... When i stress test with aida 64 it DOES NOT restart even when i do it for well over an hour....but when i try bench marking with 3Dmark11 the computer always restarts and actually never completed the bench marking due to that......

I have a PSU voltage meter from thermaltake and it is fines all the voltage displayed on meter is +/- maybe 0.1 or .2 at max with 700w im sure its enough to power GTX 680 and i5 3570k on stock setting..... I also formatted my computer just yesterday to rule out virus and i did hard format with fresh window install....

Also tested my RAM with memtest for around 7-8 hrs and had 7passes with 0error.....

As u can see im starting to get reallu fraustrated and frequent restart will lead to hardware damage at some point so id really like to fix this problem....

Another thing i read over the internet is if i disable Vdroop or LLC i might fix this problem but i dont see how they are related and my Asrock extreme 4 z77 board does not have an option to diasble that feature only has auto and level 1,2,3,4

and yes i did change the setting in window 7 that autometically restards when getting error and unticked the box....
Lastly its not god damn temperature as i did stress test with aida 64 while monitoring with hardware monitor..... Although gpu did raise up to around 74 and cpu rarely 50

Even the voltage meter read psu fine can the PSU still be the problem? its really not a amazing PSU ita from ocz modularstream X or something...
Im running out of options... Please can anyone help me solve this problem?? any tech experts out there?
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  1. please list your complete system specs.
    In the mean time try and plug in a normal incandescant bulb (this is a regular light bulb) lamp into the same outlet/strip that the pc is using and let us know if the light flashes when the pc reboots. I'm assuming you already made sure the cord was firmly plugged in at both ends.
  2. Yes the cord is pluged in firmly and ill test the light bulb thing when i get home from work...
    My specs are
    i5 3570k
    Asrock z77 extreme 4
    Samsung 830 ssd
    WD 1tb hdd
    Evga gtx 680
    ocz 700w modxstream
    cosair vengence 8gb ram
    window 7 sp1 home premium (oem version)
    coolder master had 932 adv full tower case
    cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

    if the power outlet it self is the problem there are no way to fix it unless i call electrician?
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    All depends on how handy you are. <grin> but what I'm thinking the problem might be is more brownout releated. Something like like a fridge kicking on on your wall voltage dropping too low and the pc reboots or crashes because of it. So I guess yeah, if thats the issue you'll need an electrician or a UPS to fix it. The UPS would likely be much cheaper.
  4. Its not i can chuck a volt meter inside wall socket and check right? lol jokes=)
    but is the all power outlets connected behind wall? because i tried plugging the psu to different socketwith no luck....
    And the problem is caused by voltage or amps
  5. I just went ahead and bought CM Silent Pro GOLD 800w PSU And u know what? it actually fixed the problem... So i guess it was the PSU maybe 700w wasnt enough because my volt meter showed voltages being fine... Or is there more about PSUs then voltage and watts.....
    Anyway since only you bothered to help when i was getting so fraustrated i guess ur the best answer xD thanks again mate
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