Sporadic Graphics Card Behaviour (GeForce 210 - 1GB - GDDR3)


I was looking to set up my slightly-aging Windows PC as a dedicated *somewhat* graphics-intensive server, I figured that the GeForce 210 would suffice for my needs, or at least offer better performance than running Windows 7 via VMWare Fusion. So, I went out and purchased a Zotac GeForce 210 (Synergy-edition) (Official site: http://goo.gl/nwV1w), the only problem was that after installing it in the computer, it refused to boot (no POST, the monitor remained in sleep-mode). It should be noted that the VGA cord was properly connected to the graphics card, and that my BIOS were configured to use the card in the PCI-E slot, rather than the awful on-board one.

Oddly, after trying to boot a few times, it worked, and I could log-in to Windows (7), and use it for an indefinite amount of time, without encountering graphic-related issues. Though, after shutting the computer down and trying to boot-up again; the card becomes useless, and the system boots using the on-board chip.

The card only booted about every 30th(+) try, until I followed the steps below:
1) Hard-shut off the computer (disconnected power-supply source)
2) Removed and re-inserted the graphics-card
3) Turned the computer on, once again

For a while (maybe 20-30 boot-ups) I could repeat the steps above to make the card function, as after shut-down, the card would be made useless again, and the on-board chip would be used (only because it could not detect a PCI-E device).

Now, the card does not function at all (even after using the trick above), completely refusing to show POST, and immediately forwarding to my onboard-chip.

I have come up with a list of the possible causes for this issue, and would appreciate the input of others, regarding it:
1) The card is bugged/a POS.
2) The power supply is insufficient, or going bad - * I think this might actually be the cause, I was surprised to learn that the computer is actually only using an old 400W power supply. *
3) The BIOS is outdated, or functioning improperly and does not want to boot from PCI-E.
4) The PCI-E slot on the motherboard is bad.

1) Buy a new card (recommendations?)
2) Buy a new power-supply (I'm thinking 600W?)
3) Update the BIOS.
4) Buy a new motherboard.

Additional info:
I can feel the graphics-card getting pretty hot, even after the machine has booted using the onboard-chip, which leads me to think that the card is a complete piece of junk. Tough, could it also be that it is not receiving *enough* power, therefore heating up, but being unable to function?


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  1. Alright, to get you started off, post all your specs nice and organized. Tbh your better off just getting a new system. Since that system of yours is old, you can choose to tell me the specs and i can tell you good part. Or you can just build one from scratch?
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