Will it fit on a Raidmax Aeolus?

So I'm putting a cpu cooler, here are my options

Deepcool Water Fiend Shark: http://pcx.com.ph/accessories/cpu-fans/deepcool-fiend-shark-cpu-cooler.html
Thermaltake Water 2.0 Perfomer: http://pcx.com.ph/accessories/cpu-fans/thermaltake-water-2-0-performer.html

will either or neither of them will fit a Raidmax Aeolus: http://pcx.com.ph/peripherals/chassis/raidmax-super-aeolus-usb3-0.html
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  1. The Thermaltake water 2.0 will definitely fit.

    The deepcool shark, *should* fit, but I can't guarantee that.
  2. Thanks for the reply @itzdanielp. How about this one? http://pcx.com.ph/accessories/cpu-fans/deepcool-ice-warrior-cpu-cooler.html will it fit?
  3. That one should as well, but again I can't guarantee that one :/ Sorry
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