Whats the suitable graphic card

Windows 7 ultimate 32-Bit
Intel core i3 3.1 GHz 2nd generation
Intel DH67BL media series motherboard
500 GB hard Disk
4 GB DDR3 ram
450W power supply

Please tell someone what is the most compatible gaming graphic card for my pc.Is Geforce gtx 560 ti good for me.
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  1. What make and model is your PSU?

    Also, if you can get your hands on a 64-bit version of windows, you'll be able to use all of your RAM.
  2. PSU is in-build one.I dont know it.

    is gtx 560 ti good for me.
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    No. If your PSU is a cheap one that came with your case, its label will be a lie and it won't be able to provide 450W; 300W-350W is more likely, which is not enough for a GTX560Ti. The most powerful card you can safely run on your PSU is a HD7750. If the PSU has a PCIE power connector, you may be able to run a HD6770, but the difference between "may be able to" and "will be able to" might be measured in sparks, smoke, and a dead system.
    Instead of buying a GTX560Ti, I would suggest buying a quality 500W PSU (such as Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair), which should leave you enough money to get a HD6870 or GTX560 (non-Ti).
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  5. Thanks. Good luck.
  6. Thank very You for advice me friend.
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