Is gpu temp of 80C too high

My games start lagging after 15-20 mins . i have nvidia GT520 card , video memory is 2GB
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  1. you shouldnt have bought the 520. it is actually weaker than the gt220 that was a couple of generations ago.

    80c is pretty hot. might want to direct some more fans on it
  2. I would say so for a passively cooled card, they are going to get hot under load and this is pretty bad for any graphics card.
    Make sure you case has adaquate cooling and try cleaning you computer of dust.
  3. thanx for the replies , can u suggest me sum method to clean my fan of dust ??
  4. just take it out of the system and blow the dust out
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    just take it out of the system and blow the dust out

    Or he could take it out of the system and get something a little bit better for games.

    What games are you trying to play on a 520?
  6. that also works....
  7. am playing fifa 12 , la noire , CODMW3 , battlefield 3 .. earlier there was no problem , the problem has started abot a month ago and my pc is 6 months old !!
  8. thanx ..
  9. BF3 is going to have a serious fit trying to play on a GT520. Most of the other games should run fine.
  10. BF3 used to run fine but now all games lag bcoz of overheating ..
  11. Are there fans in your case? Is it well ventilated? If it has a fan on it, then you can download something like MSI Afterburner that can adjust the fan speeds.

    Technically the 520 does not meet minimum spec for BF3 by a longshot, so I just want to know how its possible.

    EDIT: Well Youtube just gave me the answer, that it is in fact possible. So I won't be talking about how it wont play well anymore.
  12. low settings with everything turned down.
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