I'm looking to run a triple-monitor display (not 3D) to play games and whatnot, but I'm not really sure of how the technology works as I've never tried it, only read about it.

Currently, I'm running an AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 4.0Ghz. and I was hoping to buy two GTX560s (non-Ti) for an SLI configuration to support this idea.

First question: will 2 GTX560s be enough to run three 1920x1080 22" LED monitors?

Currently, I am using a single 22" LED 1080P HDTV as my monitor. This TV only supports VGA/HDMI and not DVI inputs. I'm looking at purchasing two LG 22" 1080p LED monitors for $130 each, these only supports VGA/DVI, not HDMI.

Second question: Is 1xHDMI + 2xDVI sufficient for NVIDIA surround?

Third question: Is $130 a good deal for these monitors? I have been looking at the market to know what's good and what's not...


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  1. The reasearch I've conducted seems to say that 2 DVI + 1 HDMI will be fine for NVIDIA surround (non-3D vision)...

    My only two questions left are:

    1. Is GTX560 SLI enough for this type of configuration? or do I need something more powerful?

    2. What's a good price to buy 22" LED 1080p monitors?
  2. 560 SLi is NOT good enough to keep up with modern games like BF3 on such resolutions.for a surround gaming setup,a 670 SLi will do pretty cool-
  3. It's not even the rendering performance of the cards that'll be a problem. At 5760x1080 you're going to run out of VRAM rather quickly. Just this last weekend I purchased 3 Acer 20" LED monitors that are 1600x900. At my 4800x900 resolution I hit my VRAM ceiling in BF3 on Ultra despite the 1.5GB my GTX 480's have. Everything else is on Ultra with SSAO and 2x MSAA, but I did have to lower the texture quality to High to ensure smoothness.

    Basically, I'd consider upgrading if you'd really like to do 3x 1080p. If that isn't really an option, you should be able to manage it with a lower resolution or carefully managed settings in game.
  4. Oh wow... that did not even occur to me.

    I guess I'd need a minimum of 2GB of VRAM... There ARE 2GB versions of the GTX 560 / Tis... but rendering is an issue then? Does that mean I'll need a go for GTX 570s or higher?
  5. Aaaahhh eff it.

    It's such a huge investment to get 2+ monitors AND 2+ high-end video cards... I'll I'll wait until the GTX 7XX series come out before considering this option.. Hopefully something like the GTX760 will be able to handle this on it's own in the future... *shrugs*

    Thanks anyway.
  6. better first get yourself good gpu setup,then think about buying 3 monitors.
  7. Damn... that looks sweet. Does dropping it to 1024 resolution make it look blocky though?

    I hope there are price drops on the GTX570/580s...

    I WOULD go for dual GTX480s since its $200 a piece.. but how the hell am I supposed to control that kind of heat without watercooling ? : (
  8. not a problem,a good after market cooler will take care of heat.
  9. SLI with 3 monitor surround is an investment and it can be infuriating at times. When you get it working it is really cool.

    I am a little disappointed by the lack of support on the part of both Nvidia and AMD. I know its not their responsibility to create maintain fixes for games that don’t have proper ultra wide screen support but I just with they would officially create a tool like widescreen fixer and incorporate it into the driver. I mean if a private joe can create and maintain a tool like that the big 2 should be able help their hard core user base out a bit.

    BF3 is the only game I have that just works on 3 screen without any hacks or extensive configuration.

    I have been running 2 gtx470s and 3 asus 1920x1080 monitors at 5760x1080 for about 2 years now. About 5 years ago I got 3 8800gt and 3 acer 1280x1024 monitors. I was running surround before Nvidia supported through SoftTH.
  10. Figured I'd weigh in again; I'll admit, two GTX 480's is a truly formidable amount of heat. There's no getting around it. It's definitely not insurmountable, though. I have a rather poorly thermally optimized case. It's a quiet case, so, there isn't a whole lot of ventilation. When I go to game, I just rev up the case fans, throw on a more aggressive fan profile, and keep an eye on my temps via MSI Afterburner's On-Screen Display.
  11. Sorry for bringing this thread back from the grave...

    I think I may actually go with this NVIDIA 2D surround idea.

    I recall you guys saying how more powerful GPUs with more and more VRAM would be idea for this type of config.

    Would two GTX480s or GTX570s work? or should I be getting GTX580s or better...

    I've upgraded my PSU to 1000W last night so I'm sure I can handle dual GPU setup. I forgot to mention though, my mobo only runs it's PCI-E lanes @ x8/x8. A single card is still runs @ x8 too.. weird.
  12. 2 gtx 480s will work great. My 470s run all games I have at 5670x1080 on highish settings. There was a 480 on newegg for like 200.

    If you have the dosh get the the 570s or 580s. 2 580s would kill any game around and should hang at high ish settings for the next few years with newer games.
  13. I REALLY want to go with the GTX480s... seems like the best bang for buck.

    But I'm bummed that they can't be run in SLI without aftermarket cooler.. so that takes away from the bang for buck.

    GTX480 is equivalent to a GTX570 right?
    I was looking at the GTX580, but it consumes EVEN MORE power than a GTX480.. so.. does it get just as hot?
  14. What makes you think the thermal will be unmanagable with 2 480s? As long as the case has proper air flow it should work fine. Dose any one have a link to an article or anything where they tried it and had overheating issue?

    Rather than dropping 400 on a pair of 480s maybe a 670 is a better fit. Nvidia claims it is twice as fast as the 470 so it should only be a little slower than the pair of 480s.
  15. Wait what? I thought it WAS unmanagable...

    Doesn't a single GTX480 get up to at least 95c on full load? Then, a second GTX480 wil surely heat it up even more... right?

    Besides, everytime I type in "GTX480 SLI" in google, all I see is a mass of people say "DON'T DO IT" or complaining that they already did.

    I hope they're all wrong though... I think having 2x GTX480 would be awesome.

    BTW, my phenom is gonna bottleneck SOO hard @ 1920x1080...
  16. I have no real world experience with anything that big... I was hoping some one had a cool document that included a few gtx480s and some fire!!

    In reality I think I would rather buy a single 670 or 680 then a pair of 480s. The cost would be similar the heat and electrical usage would be less and you could look at a second card in the future if you thought you needed more muscle.
  17. Newegg has the 480 today at 250. They have the 680 for 500. So the cost is the same. So you get Nvidia surround, a newer more effecient card at the same price. You loose a tiny bit of muscle.

    If some one gave me $500 and said "buy something now" I would get 1 680 over 2 480s.

    Any one have $500 that want to give me?
  18. Wahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaahahaha.

    Just back here to say, I am now a proud owner of dual EVGA 1.5GB GTX480s. T^T

    NCIX is having a sale $200 each + bonus $20 giftcard, so it's roughly $180 each. I haven't seen it this cheap ever... so I just to buy two before... who knows what's going to happen.

    NOW, I'm seriously considering NVIDIA Surround. I think I will be going with three 22" monitors @ 1680x1050 resolution since I currently have one already, and I'll just buy another two.

    My concern here is that my monitor is 3 years old and has been discontinued. Do I have to use the same monitor? Or can I use any 3?

    In worst case, I'll have to look for used monitors on local classifieds or something =T.
  19. btw, the GTX480s are NOT as hot as everyone says =="
    My bottom card idles @ 43c, load 78c. Top card is just about 5-15c more.
    Noise is not much of an issue either. 44% fan speed on idle, ramps up to 60something% during load. Completely tolerable.

    That being said, I have invested in maxing out my case fans and a fan controller and have spent time working out all the cables neatly. And I guess I'm just lucky that my motherboard happens to leave a full slot of space in between the cards so they're not pressed against each other. yay me :D

    The downside for me is that I can only run them as x8/x8 and I'm afraid to overclock them... *sigh*
  20. Here you go my friend:

    You searched GTX 580... but I got GTX 480s :O
  21. Haha one GTX480 is doing everything I need at the moment. The second one is just there for surround ;D

    To be honet, I think it was the protruding heat pipes on the side of the card that actually sold me ==" Seexxaaay. I actually prefer the reference look over any after market cooler like the GELID Icy Vision etc.

    Also the fact that it's EVGA... I'm coming from 9800GTs to this. Wow. Fantastic Baby.
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