FX8120 vs A10-5800k for a PC without a GPU

I'm building a PC no more than £300/$450 ish and I'm stuck between an FX-8120 or an A10-5800k. If I gotthe 8120 I'd use the onboard motherboard graphics in the ASRock FM2A75M. Which CPU should I get?
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  1. For what purpose would be the most important thing to know
  2. First thing I'm gonna mention is the FX 8120 is an AM3+ processor, and it won't fit in the ASRock FM2A75M because it doesn't have the right socket type.

    A10-5800K is socket FM2 like the motherboard you chose, while the FX 8120 is socket AM3+ and requires a socket AM3+ motherboard.

    As to which processor is the better choice, depends on you plan to use the computer.
  3. My bad I quoted the wrong mobo ASRock 970DE3-U3S3 for the FX. The purpose is just general use, so multitasking I guess.
  4. I'd guess the A10 is better suited if your multitasking does not include intensive tasks.
  5. Why is this? Is it because of the integrated GPU?
  6. Yes and it's cheaper.
  7. well you would have to buy some sort of graphics card with the FX because it has none onboard. get the a10, its fast enough for any general computing and has a decent gpu which is very good for general computing and is capable of playng a game or 2.
  8. I'll get the A10, cheers guys
  9. I think the 8000(8-core) chip all around. More programs are going multi-core and a graphic-card to match the graphics on the integrated 5800 would be comparatively cheap. $55(with rebate) to $75 right now on N**E*G. You would also have the ability to change out(or significantly upgrade) a graphics card too, which is important for gaming.
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