CPU, RAM or GPU upgrade first?

Hi guys. I've recently got into to pc gaming but i have a pretty crappy pc and games are slow with bad graphics. So my question is on my budget of approx 100pounds, what should i upgrade first? and also, what should i buy?
Here are my current specs:
Intel i3 2120 @3.3ghz
No grapics card except integrated Intel ones.

PS. I like games lke skyrim, garrys mod, GTA etc
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  1. The graphics looks like your bottleneck, the 650ti is just in budget, the 2GB model is just out of budget.
  2. Definitely graphics. It'd be good to know the model of your pc/motherboard/psu to assist in making any recommendations.
    As a general suggestion, in the £100 price range you are looking at the HD7700 or GTX650Ti if the budget can go a tiny bit further.
  3. Graphics card...
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