Crossfire, no difference in performance?

Hello there,

I've just noticed that my new addition to my system doesn't do anything. In BF3 I have the same framerate with a single 7950 as I have with 2x 7950.

My specs are as following:

i72700K 3,6 Ghz
2x XFX 7950 3 GB "Black Edition" @ OC

futhermore I'm running Eyefinity, however there is still NO difference with a single monitor.

I've attached a screenshot of msi AfterBurner's monitoring. It seems as if it's only using one of the GPU's when I'm in the game, and when I'm windowing out (seeing the game as a little preview) the other GPU takes over. Oddly enough they aren't running at the same time.

All help is appreciated!

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  1. What resolution are you gaming at?
  2. 1920x1080 on each one. That would be 5760x1080 in total :)
  3. I think there were some bugs related to running Eyefinity and Crossfire at the same time. Have they been fixed?
  4. Pimhedd. As I wrote, I also tried with a single monitor. Same story :(
  5. Go through all the options on your graphics card software. You probably have the second graphics processor disabled.
  6. have you tried with 12.7 betas and latest cap profiles?

    edit ^^also make sure that crossfire is actually enabled. :P
  7. I'd download GPU-Z and see if it reports that you have CrossFire enabled. Are you playing your games on Full Screen (Windowed) mode by chance? I found that with my previous CrossFire setup that CrossFire only worked when the application was Full Screen.
  8. I've went through Catalyst a lot of times, and yes. Crossfire is enabled. GPU-Z also registers it as enabled.
    I'm playing the games in full screen mode.

    I'm trying to download the latest betas and caps.
  9. I just tried the new beta drivers and it's the same. Only one of the card is getting used, the other one is going from 1 - 25 % all the time.

    I've tried that both card did 100 %, but that might have been a coincidence. I did nothing different.
  10. New info. Reinstalled the drivers. When I'm running Eyefinity both my graphic cards are working, but when I use single monitor it's only one of the cards. Odd.

  11. I just ran a 3dMark11 test, and I think it's pretty good.

    It seems that 3dMark11 uses buth GPU's. This is a problem with BF3, or how should I understand this?

  12. Dem drivers are not workin.
  13. It's a driver problem?

    I've heard some good reports on 12.1 - should I try installing that one?

    .. and is the benchmark score good?

  14. I'm assuming you have the catalyst application profiles installed? If not, install them.
  15. BigMack70 said:
    I'm assuming you have the catalyst application profiles installed? If not, install them.

    12.7 beta should come with 12.7 CAP 1
  16. I've tried the BF3 profile without luck.

    Could someone please tell me if the Mark3d11 score is as it should be?
    I don't assume this is a bottleneck since I have a good CPU.
    Appreciate the help guys!
  17. Bump :)
  18. Pinhedd said:
    12.7 beta should come with 12.7 CAP 1

    I'm 99.9% certain that you always have to install the CAP profiles separate from the actual driver.

    @OP - Did you install the 12.6 or 12.7 CAP profiles?

    Also, your 3dmark11 score looks fine. And your CPU is good and shouldn't be bottlenecking anything. You're (with 99% certainty) looking at some sort of driver problem.
  19. I installed the 12.7 CAP.

    I reinstalled everything once again, and now it works. I guess you were right. I was a driver problem. Guess 3rd time is the charm :)

    Thanks everyone! Appreciate your help :)
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