2700K vs. 3770K

Planning to upgrade from my 3570K and want to know what chip will benefit me more. I'm in to heavy gaming as well as streaming in 1080p (takes a lot of CPU usage). Just wondering what will be a better buy since they are the same price. Ill be OC as well .

Will be on a ASRock z77 extreme 4 with 16 GB of ram & noctua d14
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  1. For gaming the 3570K will be the best bet... You will see absolutely no performance difference with upgrading to the 3770K, in fact you might see a slight drop.

    But if you absolutely must upgrade, go with the 3770K since it supports PCIe 3.0, and is what the Z77 chipset is designed for.
  2. Here is what you will see between the 3570K and the 3770K

  3. theres no actual performance difference in games, only real difference between both processor is one has 4cores,4threads and one has 4cores-8threads, meaning in multi tasking or cpu intensive programs ud see a gain but not in gaming.
  4. The 3770K has more onboard cache too. Like has been said though, you are not likely to see a difference in gaming.
  5. Gaming is fine but when streaming my CPu is almost getting to 100%. I was at a 4.2 Oc and still seeing some high CpU usage . What can combat this problem?
  6. 2700K vs. 3770K?

    that's like asking should i get a 2011 Mustang or 2013 Mustang?

    newer is better
  7. There is absolutely no reason that streaming would take up more than a 10% on a OC'd 3570k, and an i7 would absolutely not help that problem.

    to be honest I would start looking into the possibility of malware on your system.
  8. 2700k cooler higher overclocks, but yeah an i5 3570k is the best chioce here.
  9. The only thing the i7 has over the i5 is hyper-threading. But for gaming it makes no difference, this is why gamers get the i5. What kind of streaming are you doing? Usually this shouldn't be very demanding and I'm not sure hyper-threading would help you streaming better. In other words, you shouldn't see much improvement going to an i7 (or maybe no improvement at all), so it's not worth the price IMHO.
  10. mookial said:
    Gaming is fine but when streaming my CPu is almost getting to 100%. I was at a 4.2 Oc and still seeing some high CpU usage . What can combat this problem?

    Assuming there are no other issues, such as programs in the background or malware, your best bet would be to further overclock. You should be able to dig up at least another 400mhz. It's cheap solution and it's easy.

    You could also try less CPU intensive settings. That should reduce CPU load.
  11. If your CPU is "almost getting to 100%" then I fail to see the problem.
  12. I understand its just when playing a game alone without the streaming program open everything is fine, but when opening and actually streaming the CPU usage goes up and everything beings to become sluggish
  13. Keep in mind there are other possible bottlenecks other than CPU. Gaming and streaming can be taxing on a lot of components.
  14. Any idea on what to upgrade? i'm currently on 8GB of RAM but upgrading to 16 in the coming weeks.
  15. So, you are saying that it happens when you game and stream at the same time?

    What program do you use for streaming?
  16. itzdanielp said:
    So, you are saying that it happens when you game and stream at the same time?

    What program do you use for streaming?

    That is correct. When playing games standalone, the games run fine on max settings. It's not until I begin streaming that FPS drops occur and CPU usage goes way up. I used to use XSplit to stream, but have since switched to Open Broadcast Software (OBS) which works the same and lightens the load on CPU usage. But still it is pretty intense when using
  17. ok... This now all of a sudden makes sense.

    I have a feeling that if you open task manager during this that you will notice DWM.exe running relatively high. This is because your machine is trying to figure out where to display the separate images.

    Also, a bigger problem than your CPU is your graphics card. You are trying to have it render multiple sources at once, so it is having to swap memory and constantly refresh itself to attempt to keep up.

    Again, I am going to stick with my original statement, that an i7 would more than likely not change anything. Adding a second GPU might.
  18. well streaming usually is more cpu intensive, some video tho, whats ur ram usage when ur streaming?, i know streaming takes up alot of resources?
  19. I currently have Corsair 8GB LP 1600 Memory. I'm going to upgrade to 16 GB 1600 soon. And I thought my GPU would be strong enough (nVidia GTX 670 FTW). I don't think its worth buying another one. :(
  20. i beleive more ram would help u, i know when i run certain apps that require alot of memory, my 16 gigs of ram helps, i think this might help :)
  21. 2700k is better if your overclocking, it overclocks much higher than the 3770k, max being 5.2 while 3770k tops out at 4.8. That being said, both cpus at the same clock speed will result in the 3770k being better.

    So basically 3770k if your not planning to overclock or only doing slight overclocks, 2700k if you plan on taking it up all the way.

    But your current i5 is pretty good too so i wouldnt bother =)
  22. azed3000 said:
    2700k is better if your overclocking, it overclocks much higher than the 3770k, max being 5.2

    Are you sure about that???

  23. the 2700 is just as good as the 3700, they both overclock just as good, and have similar cache and specs.

    but if ur gonna bother getting a new cpu whynot get the newer 3700, if they are the same price.
  24. i would choose the 3770K. even though i just bought 2700k.....

    I use my rig for music generation and the 2700k is fine for me.... but gaming the 3770k is better as it supports PCIe 3 the 2700k supports 2... so for future proofing with games and gfx cards the choice is obvious......
  25. that means nothing, the 3700 doesnt have more bandwitch compared to the 2700k, and pci express is backwards compatible with pci-express 2.0 and 1.0 :)
  26. I totally agree with ittimjones, some stupid idiots saying, drop in performance..... yes because intel are idiots making i7 perform worse than i5 :l Ok Mr expert;/// Don't argue ok.
  27. theyre no lose or increase in anything, just renaming and possibly less energy usage thats about it.
  28. setras said:

    Haha max stable without going to extreme cooling methods. Thats a pretty good clock though, it just proves my point more that oced the sandy bridge out does the ivy since ivy isnt as overclock friendly. Ive seen countless ivy bridge cpus top out at 4.8ghz.

    To the op: Watch the video on youtube, this guy explains very well the differences between the two in terms of performance. Core per core with the same level clock speed (including same level of oced clock speed) The ivy bridge always comes out on top by 10%. However when it comes to ocing to max potential thats when the ivy bridge gives out, and sandy keeps going. So it depends what you wanna do in the end.

    Verdict: For slight oc go ivy bridge 3770k
    For Heavy overclockers 2700k

  29. if youre having issue playing online and streaming..ever think it just might be your internet!
  30. they both overclock well. doubt anybody would see a real world difference.
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