Why do people say the Radeon HD 7770 is a bad card?

People say that the Radeon hd 7770 is a terrible card, but i've seen over a dozen videos of it running ultra on games at 1920x1080 with a decent 40-45 fps?







Theres enough videos of proof that this card can max out smoothly.

Also there was a driver update that made the HD 7770 run smoother. and not alot of people know about it so they just say its a bad card but they havent seen it past the update.
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  1. Youtube video's are not reliable sources of information. I looked at a couple of the ones you provided, no FRAPS counter, no way of proving that video was made on that hardware. If you want reliable info, look on review sites.

    http://www.guru3d.com/article/his-radeon-hd-7770-ghz-edition-review/15 (Its Bad Company 2, but close enough)

    The HD7770 isnt a bad card, and I don't know why i people would say it is. Its a great entry level card, but there are simply better on the market.

    EDIT: Not "better" per se, at its price point the performance is very good. But it wont compare to something like a GTX670 or HD7850
  2. I don't think anyone ever said its a bad video card, its just entry level. Its better than my 550 TI, and my ex's GTX 460. But, I don't believe all of those youtube videos.


    No offense, but I'll take the word of reputable tech site like AndandTech over random Youtube videos.
  3. So its not coincidental that all of these youtube videos claiming to be this card popped up with decent fps on high or ultra settings?
  4. Think what you want to think. I won't pretend to know what people's motivations are, but I'm wondering what yours are for making this thread. But, I'm sorry, I'm not ready to claim a well known tech site like AnandTech are liars.. Sorry, thats just not happening.
  5. im going to make the wild assumption that none of the videos have anti aliasing on maxed, which is the real fps killer.
  6. dudewitbow said:
    im going to make the wild assumption that none of the videos have anti aliasing on maxed, which is the real fps killer.

    Thats a WAG, (Wild Ass Guess), but yea, sounds about right. :kaola:
  7. I have seen videos claiming max settings at 1080p, 60+ FPS on hardware that is entirely inadequate (think it was an FX-4100, GTX550 and 4GB of 1333mhz RAM). There are plenty of people online who will claim uber performance for cheap, and show off these video's as "proof".

    Lets just say that gameplay videos on Youtube (un-verified no less, you cant see any FRAPS counter or be assured of actual hardware used) cant be trusted over reputable review sites.

    Watch this video, it will explain how people can manipulate FPS and such.
  8. Linus!!! Why must you taunt me? I so want to date him and stuff... anyway lol. yeah, "depending on when you're watching this video". 560 TI can go to hell. :p
  9. Do you think this card can run the latest games at 1600x900 high settings then?
  10. liamxx7 said:
    Do you think this card can run the latest games at 1600x900 high settings then?

    back to my statement, it depends on the specific game, and if anti aliasing is on or not. at 1600x900 on high though, the 7770 should be more then enough I would assume. Anti aliasing basically almost effectively kills at least 10+ fps in general when settings are maxed.
  11. Specific games are pretty much Crysis 2 on hardcore, Battlefield 3 on high at 1600x900 resolution with a decent framerate, im hoping this card can.
  12. I'm quite sure it can.
  13. hd7770 is equivalent to hd6850.. so since that card can run games just fine on 1080p that means hd7770 can also run games just fine at 1080p.
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