Ext.cord Sudden increase/drop in electric current on PSU?

Howdy ppl :)

I have recently pulled out a pretty old extension cord from my garage and i'm not sure how much amps it can withstand.

The extension cord is currently supplying three electronic appliances(60w lamp, 80W monitor, 500-800w Desktop). The monitor was off and the desktop was put to sleepMode, and I left only the lamp on for about 2hrs, but when I turned of the lamp, the desktop booted up automatically. This never happened when I plug the desktop to a separate outlet.

I was wondering, will this sudden change damage any computer hardware, especially the PSU?

Thank you for the help.
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  1. Thats really wierd. You do have the pc on at least surge protection right?
  2. I did multiple tests these days, and here are the results:

    I bought a 300j min - 2100 j max surge protector and plugged in a dual-socket Wall Outlet. I have my Monitor+60W lamp + desktop + laptop connected to the surge protector (all powered on). Then I put my desktop to sleep, when I turn the lamp off/on, the desktop will automatically boot up. But this only happens about 8/10 tests (x 10 tests (lamp on/off)).

    I have also tested with the older extension cord (without surge protect), and the same thing happened.

    I then plugged my 60w lamp to the extension cord(w/o surge protect) which is connected to a separate wall outlet, while leaving my PCs/monitor intact on the surge protector. Turned lamp on/off again......and same thing happened, desktop wakes up.

    At first, I though this must be some sorta power surge stress on the PSU...but not until I plugged in a 120w+80w floor Lamp onto either of the extension cords. My desktop is in sleep mode regardless how many times I turn on/off my floor lamp.

    I did some research on the web.....it seems it's the strong EMI from the lamp that caused the desktop to wake up.....not sure though.....my laptop seems to be smooth.
  3. The difference with the laptop may be that it doesn't run directly off the wall outlet's power source. It runs off its battery even when on outlet power.

    How long is the drop cord and what size is are the conductors (should be printed on side of cord)? And is it a 3-wire grounded cord? Lastly, is this just a temporary arrangement?
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