Urgently need advice please

Hey guys I recently bought a bundle from tiger direct Erich included the following:
1. AMD FX8350 processor 4.0 GHz
2. Sabertooth 990 fx r2 motherboard
4. Lsp ultra 550w psu

I post, it works great. Two days later I turn it on and it shuts off after4 seconds. Do it again, same thing. I return the psu and get a 650. Today, a day later, the same thing happened again. The motherboard light is on but every time I start it, it turns back off. Any chance it's the PSU or am I looking at a bigger problem? No beeps from the motherboard btw
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  1. Shuts off completely? Considering you have already replaced the PSU, can you stay on BIOS or it shutdowns in there too? If not, I would start by checking all power cables, including your sockets, power lead. Fan cables..
    If yes, have you overclocked?
  2. Have you tried all the magic fixes??

    1- do a cold boot
    2- reseat the cmos battery
    3- reconnect all of the the power cables in your system

    hope this helps
  3. He shouldn't have to reset the cmos on a new system. unless he messed up o.c settings in bios..
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