Amd a10 5800k good for gaming?

Hello everyone. I am wondering if the amd a10 5800k is good for gaming. If I use its integrated graphics what fps will i get on gta 4 or crysis? And will it bottleneck graphics cards? Also what graphics card would let it max games?
Thanks in advance!
P.S. It is a quad core.
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  1. its fine for low resolution gaming like 1680x1050, with medium settings definitely faster than Intel HD3000
  2. Can it run 1980x1080 max settings on games?
  3. No. To max out games at 1080p, you need to be looking at mid range to high end discrete GPUs. Things like the HD 7870 or GTX 660 are the lower end of what can pull this off.

    crysis warhead @ 1680x1050 mainstream quality achieves 80+ fps
  5. If i get a 7870, i could max out games? What fps would I get on crysis?
  6. At 1920X1080 with high setings you are looking at around 65 FPS. Higher than though and it only get's 28 FPS which IMO is not acceptable or playable.

  7. Is that a good combo for gaming? Can anyone suggest a better one to max out? And can you show a benchmark?
  8. Once again it comes down to the games you are playing and the resolution you are playing at. Like anything you get what you pay for. If you want to play games like Crysis, BF3, the latest COD at 1920X1080 or higher and you want to get good frame rates you are going to have to get a good videocard. A 7950/7970 or GTX 670 will play pretty much any of todays most demanding games with good frame rates.
  9. GangstaChamp21 said:
    Is that a good combo for gaming? Can anyone suggest a better one to max out? And can you show a benchmark?

    No, it's not a good combo.

    If you're looking for gaming, and you're on a budget, get an A10 and very fast ram.

    If you don't care about budget, get a real CPU - an i5-3xxx, and a discrete graphics card - if you want to max out everything, you're looking at a 670 or 7970.

    That being said, 1) the new generation of video cards and processors will be here soon. I'd wait for them to be released, to avoid buyer's remorse.

    2) You really need to do some research as to what you're looking for and what parts you need - then come back and fill out the form for review of a computer build.
  10. The integrated Radeon HD 7760D in the A10-5800k is pretty powerful for an integrated graphics core I suppose, but it pales in comparison to a real desktop graphics card. Even an inexpensive graphics card.

    That graphics core is basically a little faster than the Radeon HD 5570 and a decent amount slower than a Radeon HD 6570. You can Google around for benchmarks of those cards. Basically the Radeon HD 7660D is good enough for 1366x768 @ medium graphics quality for most games that are not graphically intensive.
  11. AMD's Trinity APUs can be Hybrid Crossfired with inexpensive graphics cards to provide better overall performance. However, Hybrid Crossfire only works with up to the Radeon HD 6670. Any faster Radeon card and the integrated graphics is automatically disabled. An nVidia card will also disable the integrated graphics. It is unknown if any Radeon HD 8000 series card will be compatible with Trinity's Hybrid Crossfire. AMD is expected to release the 3rd generation APU called Richland sometime this year.
  12. GangstaChamp21 said:
    If i get a 7870, i could max out games? What fps would I get on crysis?

    Don't get 7870 , get Nvidia GTX 760 .
  13. crisis 3 i get 40-50 fsp with fraps amd a10-680k max settings and crossfired 6670 with apu gta 4 cant check as wont run on windows 7
  14. I run an A10 5700 on about 1920 x 1200. The 5700 and 5800k both have the same graphics processor. Running the 5800k on 1920 x 1080 on medium settings will work fine, it just depends on how high the graphics intensity is of the game. Once again, with the graphics cards, too fast of a graphics card and your motherboard is the bottleneck, too slow, and the graphics card is the bottleneck. Right now I run World of Tanks on medium settings at 20fps avg with the 5700. The 5800k is capable of running Gta4 and crysis, just at medium settings (though it is a bit laggy) with a 1920 x 1080 resolution (maybe even low settings).
  15. Guys, i ve read the conversation and i say im thinking of buying an a10 5800k for my brothers pc. He doesnt play many games, he plays mobas and mmorpgs witch are not very demanding. Will this apu play at 1080p games like league of legends, dota, grimrock and skyrim ? Only that is what matters to me...
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