New assembled computer turning on then off

Ok, so I just put together my computer today, and what it does is, when i press the power button, it turns on, then 1.5 seconds later it turns off. I don't have any ram in there, and I think thats what the problem is because I'm waiting for my ram to come in. But I have heard some cases that people can still turn their computer on without run just to look at the BIOS.
i5 3450
Radeon 7850
Corsair 750W PSU
h77ma- G43 Motherboard

So what do you think the problem is? Did I do something wrong that the computer turns off right away to prevent something bad from happening?

Edit: Ok just found out I'm retarded and it won't start up, after doing some research. XD
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  1. Your right it wont boot without any Ram. Since the first check the bios will do is for the Cpu and the system memory in the Dimm slots. No memory, no boot, Bios cannot complete its boot up test fully.
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