SLI Question: Will different clock speeds matter?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I apologize in advance if this question was already asked I just need an answer ASAP.
My question is: I have this MSI NGTX 560 Ti GPU and I want to go SLI with it. here it is:
The card I want to SLI with it is here:

I noticed the clock speeds and memory speeds are different? will this effect performance at all? Will the gpu be bottlenecked? Please answer quickly! if this is an issue should i just go with the msi ngtx560ti again and double up?
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  1. Overclock your the lower clocked card to the same clocks as the OC one. It is very simple to do using MSI afterburner.
    Best of luck!
    (but hey,why not just buy the same card? Its cheaper as well)
  2. What would you do? Should i just go for the cheaper one? I get great results with the 1 card but I really want at least 60 frames in Skyrim with a lot of mods. What do you think?
  3. To be honest I would skip the whole SLI thing and buy a 7850. For running lots of mods you need lots of vram. SLI won't help you at all in this aspect. 1gb isn't gonna cut it. Spend an extra $20-$30 and buy this card( ). It is super cool and a overclocking beast. It is much better than a single 560ti and that extra vram will help you out alot.
    Hope I helped!
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