How much do you think my graphics card is worth?

I'm just wondering how much I could get for my card nowadays. In terms of performance and physical condition, it's practically mint. Thanks for the info in advance.

MSI 6990 4GB Graphics Card
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  1. i say you would be able to sell it for 350-400$ roughly at best
  2. I would sell it for like $450 maybe tops.
  3. Hmm...would this be a better or worse card than a 7950? If it's better, I would be interested at $350. Haven't seen many around the internet, so not sure what it's performance would be like.
  4. I would be very cautious purchasing used hardware, especially higher end pieces like this one.
  5. I don't understand what you hope to gain by selling it....... and buying something else, why ?
  6. Its still one of the fastest cards you can buy out there.
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